Trademarks for Small Businesses, Artists, & Creative Professionals with Daniel DiGriz. Nov 2nd, 2pm EDT.

Free, supportive peer networking: reach a wider audience & sell more art.
Oct 15th, 2pm EDT.

Double your impact & give artists the tools to create thriving businesses: thank you Susan & Steven Goldstein!

All you need is a laptop and you can make your YouTube channel look like CNN.
Special Edition Course.


Boots on the Ground

Boots-on-the-Ground Education

Art is a business, and artists should run it, but to become self-sustaining, they need business expertise and a supportive peer community. CHF offers live training events several times a year, all over the country—giving you the opportunity to build an effective business strategy, develop your brand story, and make face-to-face connections that will boost your career to the next level.

Check back here for upcoming events and sign up to receive our emails below. In the interim, don’t wait to grow your art business: explore our Digital Campus, and join other artists and industry experts in our Thriving Art Exchange virtual community today.

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Virtualize Your Art Career ™ Conference

Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurial Training in Virginia for Pro Artists

Art-Business Conference – Virginia


Art-Business Conference – Santa Fe

DC Workshop

Art-Business Conference – Washington DC

Ft. Lauderdale trees

Art-Business Conference – Ft. Lauderdale

Art Business Summit - Dallas - Fort Worth

Art-Business Conference – Dallas

ArtExpo New York — Topics & Trends

ArtExpo New York — Topics & Trends

Santa Fe NM Art Event

Art-Business Conference – Santa Fe

With local and regional in-person education, CHF doesn't wait for working artists to find us. We bring the learning to them, overcoming digital barriers and reaching a broad audience. We also allow a broad array of topics to be covered, even beyond our formal learning program. To become an educational partner of CHF, visit our Educational Partnerships page. To participate in an upcoming event, see below:

Be Alerted to Future Art-Business Summits

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