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Smile, You’re On…

Missed Connections Last week I attended two vastly different art world events, and they really got me thinking. The first was Art Advising 2.0 – Vertigo & Accountability, hosted by […]

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CHF 2014 Annual Report Available

View the 2014 Annual Report for highlights of recipients and their work, information about Collector Salons, and a panel about the legal side of art collecting. We’ll go over applications, visits, social, and […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Art Career Over Legal Issues

On 1/21/15, the Salmagundi Club presented the art law panel discussion “Legal Issues for Artists and Patrons: Arts Lawyers Address Questions of Vital Interest to Arts Professionals”. The panel discussion […]

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Death of the Artist…

In his article for the Jan-Feb, 2015 issue of The Atlantic, “The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur,” William Deresiewics examines the concept of “artist” through […]

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Artists Can’t Survive As Saints and Martyrs

If you don’t receive You’ve Cott Mail newsletter, please sign up for it! No matter what area of The Arts interests you, or whether you’re an artist or not, his […]