Sales Conversation Warrior Badge

Sales Warrior

The Sales Warrior bravely enters the circle of sales role play and stays in the game regardless of what occurs—being vulnerable yet committed to learning on his/her feet, aiming to […]

The Storyteller Badge


The storyteller introduces the world and audiences to their art via a strong brand story. The Storyteller award goes to those who have created a brand story that is especially […]

Panelist Badge


The Panelist easily handles questions from a host or audience, as demonstrated through an appearance on The Thriving Artist™ podcast or in a CHF live or virtual panel discussion as […]

Jedi Badge


The Jedi delivers practice area mastery as the practice area leader in one or more of CHF’s core learning practice areas (e.g. Sales, Finance, Brand Story, Career Blueprint).

Instructor Badge


The Instructor has an area of special knowledge or a skill in art-business entrepreneurship they can teach others, and has demonstrated this by leading one or more CHF workshops.